Lift political deadlock on Migration Pact

The EPP Group is concerned about the lack of agreement among EU Member States on the Migration Pact, the reform package of new EU migration laws. The dramatically increasing number of migrant arrivals in Lampedusa in recent days highlights the alarming risk of a new migration crisis in the upcoming summer period. The EPP Group calls on EU Member State leaders to take their responsibility and agree on a negotiating mandate as soon as possible.

"Our citizens expect us to deliver on a sustainable and operational asylum and migration management which controls our borders, ensures fair and swift asylum procedures and the efficient return of those not granted stay. This requires us to reform the current policies. The current regulations have proven insufficient, especially in times of crisis", said Tomas Tobé MEP, who is responsible for the Asylum and Migration Management Regulation, ahead of today's plenary debate on the urgent migration situation at the EU’s external borders.

"My ambition is to move towards compromises and much-needed reform of a system where human traffickers decide who can apply for asylum in Europe, coldheartedly putting vulnerable people's lives at risk while doing so. Therefore, I am disappointed in there being no real movement among Member States towards a compromise. The situation is acute and the political deadlock must be lifted, by a qualified majority if necessary", said Tobé.

The EPP Group wants a European approach to ensure strong borders, fair and swift asylum procedures, an efficient and safe return of those not eligible for protection, and a sustainable system to better handle upcoming crises.

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