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Let Frontex do its work

The EPP Group welcomes that the European Parliament has today granted the discharge for the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) for...

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No artificial, virtual shift of taxation to other countries

“Corporate taxes have to be paid where the economic activity takes place. No artificial, v...

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Sakharov Prize for Navalny is a prize for democratic Russia

“I congratulate Alexei Navalny on winning the Sakharov Prize for the Freedom of Thought. I...

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Justice Polish flag

Primacy of EU law and values cannot be trashed

On Tuesday, Parliament will debate the crisis of the rule of law in Poland following the decision of the...

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Euros flying off the chimney

Low-income families, middle class homeowners must not pay the highest bill

The EPP Group has warned against exploding energy prices as a result...

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Towards a European Care Strategy

COVID-19 has highlighted the essential nature of care in our society and the need for a robust and future-proofed strategy at EU...

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