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Chancellor Merkel on the Future of Europe

Journalists are invited to attend the EPP Group Online Conference on the Future of Europe next Wednesday. German...

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Poland’s Justice Minister refuses to confront facts

"Today, the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice confirmed that there are serious...

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Ratifying post-Brexit Agreement to protect peace in NI

The European Parliament's Committees on International Trade and Foreign Affairs will vote today on...

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It’s time to strengthen EU health systems

EU health systems need an overhaul to better prepare for another pandemic. That’s according to EPP Group MEP C...

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Reducing the stigma towards women in farming

Rural women should be supported to keep farming communities alive. That is the view of EPP Group MEP and farmer...

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Future of Europe Event [nid:111585]

Chancellor Merkel on the Future of Europe

Join us for the EPP Group Online Conference on the Future of Europe next Wednesday. German Federal...

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City of Istanbul [nid:42653]

How to deal with Turkey?

Members of the Foreign Affairs Commitee will vote on Thursday morning on the European Commission's annual progress report on Turkey. Not...

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The Future of Europe

Join us for a dynamic debate on the Future of Europe. Our European Union has accomplished great things in the past thanks to its ability to renew...

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