Cooperation between EU and Mediterranean countries is founded in the Barcelona Process, which was launched in 1995 with the signing of the Barcelona Declaration. The partnership was renewed by the inauguration of the Union for the Mediterranean on 13 July 2008.

Unique and ambitious, the Barcelona Process represents a turning point in Euro-Mediterranean relations. The new regional relationship is based on a broad framework of political, economic and social relations between the EU and Southern Mediterranean partners, with a parliamentary dimension represented by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM-PA).

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The EPP Group considers an advanced neighbourhood policy fundamental, contributing to a better understanding between the EU and its Mediterranean partners. We favour a solidarity-based Mediterranean policy capable of meeting the multiple challenges of peace, stability, illegal migration, combating terrorism, security, mutual understanding and respect for human rights.

We work with our Mediterranean partners to identify priorities in areas such as migration, religion, environmental protection, education and training. We also work for women’s participation in economic, political and social life, women’s access to education and medical care, and projects and programmes geared towards women.

Our EPP Working Group on Mediterranean Policy is committed to breathing fresh political life into Euro-Mediterranean relations. It meets regularly with Mediterranean countries’ Ambassadors, officials from relevant EU institutions and experts to assess the Group's activities in connection with the UfM-PA and to strengthen our political relations with southern Mediterranean parties and groups with similar political positions and values. We also organise conferences, hearings and fact-finding missions in the countries in the region.

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