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The European Union is facing big challenges: unemployment, migration and tough global competition compounded by European’s loss of trust in politics’ ability to deliver solutions. The EPP Group wants to equip the EU with a successful reform agenda for Europe's future that ensures the EU can meet the challenges ahead. Increase in growth and jobs must be supported by efforts to regain the trust of its citizens. Europe is a continent of values and human dignity. We must defend our social model in the face of global competition while meeting the demographic challenge.

Economy, jobs & the environment

We continue to advocate a social market economy as the best of way of creating jobs and innovating while safeguarding our high social and environmental standards. We need to complete the Digital Single Market, develop new ways to reduce emissions and secure affordable energy.

Legal & home affairs

We must improve our security by better controlling our borders, while providing asylum to those in need, and better equipping ourselves to tackle cybercrime. Our right to free movement must be protected and we must continue putting in place measures to prevent terrorism.

Budget, agriculture & regional funding

The EU Budget should not rely solely on national contributions - Europe must be able to fund its priorities in the long-term and with additional resources. Our agricultural policy needs adequate funding and new methods to be efficient and sustainable.

Foreign affairs

We must strengthen our ability to speak with one voice at the global level to achieve our aims: peace and security, open and multilateral trade and alleviating poverty. We must continue to promote human rights and democracy in our relations with third countries.

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