Your guide to upcoming EPP Group events along with details of what happened at our recent events. Use our EPP Group calendar to find out what’s happening where and when, and to sign up if you’re looking to attend.

Towards a European Care Strategy

COVID-19 has highlighted the essential nature of care in our society and the need for a robust and future-proofed strategy at EU...

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Cups for Cancer

October is turning pink to raise awareness of #breastcancer! Despite the progress that has been made, this is still the most common type...

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Women and girls in STEM

Women make up 52% of the European population, yet only account for 2 out of 5 scientists and engineers. To solve the challenges of...

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Hearing on the Right to be Forgotten for cancer survivors

The EPP Group is organising a hearing on the Right to be Forgotten for cancer survivors on...

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EPP Data Summit

Join us for the EPP Data Summit on Thursday, where we will discuss the future of data with European industry and other stakeholders, as well as with the new...

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#JobsJobsJobs for a strong recovery

Join us for the kick-off conference of our event series on ‘Jobs Jobs Jobs for a stronger recovery.’ Providing new jobs for Eur...

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#EUCanBeatCancer event: United against Cancer

On Wednesday 3 February, the EPP Group will gather with three European Commissioners, namely Vice-President...

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#EPP4Health: Towards a European Health Union

Today, European cooperation on health and innovation must be the means used to fight deadly diseases and possible...

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Farm to Fork Strategy

The European Commission’s Farm to Fork (F2F) Strategy could be further fleshed out with concrete legislative proposals for enhancing food and a...

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