Artificial Intelligence in the digital era

We embrace the potential of Artificial Intelligence and robotics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in our economies and democracies by being the strategic technology that can power growth, innovation and efficiency. The EPP Group wants Europe to be at the forefront in setting the rules for global standards.

Innovation is in Europe’s DNA. Trustworthy and value-based AI must be an EU trademark. The EPP Group believes that Europe has the potential to seize the next digital wave and to take the lead in AI, robotics, biomedicine, big data and mobility engineering. The EPP Group is committed to increasing investment in AI and the data that feeds into it to make the EU the leader in this field, to ensure a prosperous and competitive continent. We will foster these innovations in line with our European values.

The EPP Group calls for high ethical standards, liability rules and transparency for the deployment of AI. We want to create a true European Innovation Union to improve people’s lives while remaining competitive on a global level. Too many citizens are wary of technological change; we must reassure them that technology has a constructive value in our society, that all our lives will become better and healthier. The EPP Group is adamant that people be at the heart of innovation.

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