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More roaming, less costs

“Roam-like-at-home is an unprecedented European success story. It shows how we all directly benefit from the EU Single Market”, said Angelika Win...

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Manfred Weber re-elected as EPP Group Chairman

Manfred Weber MEP was re-elected this morning with an overwhelming majority as Chairman of the EPP Group in...

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Lessons from Turkey must be used in Afghanistan and Belarus

External EU emergency funds should better address the causes of migration flows, always be...

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Get rid of all the useless different chargers

The EPP Group has long demanded the European Commission to draft legislation on a common charger for electronic...

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Polish Government on road to Polexit

“The refusal to implement rulings of the European Court of Justice in Poland is a clear step towards taking Poland out of the E...

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No-one should teach discrimination to children

EU Member States must not stand by idly when the rule of law continues to be dismantled by the Polish and...

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Tell Putin we will double help for Russian opposition

“Five EU Member States share a border with two aggressive dictatorships - Belarus and Russia. P...

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Clear sky ahead for stopping Boeing-Airbus dispute

The United States and the European Union announced today that a compromise has been found to suspend a...

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EU and US can only win by working together

The EPP Group expects that the meeting between the President of the United States Joe Biden and the leadership of...

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