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Manfred Weber re-elected as EPP Group Chairman

Manfred Weber MEP was re-elected this morning with an overwhelming majority as Chairman of the EPP Group in...

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Make medicines affordable for all Europeans

Make medicines more accessible and affordable for every European. Increase investment in the development of...

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EU money cannot support breaches of the rule of law

"We want the EU recovery money to reach those who have suffered during the pandemic. The Recovery...

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Promoting our European Way of Life

A global crisis is always evaluated by the way it has affected society or by the way it has been dealt with. There is no denying...

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Fish better, not more

The EPP Group will vote this week in favour of the new European Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF) for the period 2021-2027. "This...

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Draw lessons from COVID pandemic for pharma industry

The EPP Group wants to draw lessons from the COVID pandemic for the pharma industry. Access to...

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Negotiation breakthrough: no privacy for child abusers

"With this deal, Facebook and other Internet companies will be able to continue to voluntarily...

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