Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1959. Saxony. 1984 University diploma in agriculture (Diplomlandwirt), University of Leipzig. 1984-1988 assistant lecturer, University of Leipzig. 1988 PhD in agriculture (Dr. agr.), University of Leipzig. 1988-1990 Economist at Agricultural Production Cooperative "Justus von Liebig", Taura. 1990-1995 CEO of the Agrar GmbH Taura. Since 1995 part-time farmer. 1988-1990 Member of the Democratic Farmers' Party of Germany (DBD). 1990-2002 Member of the Saxon State Parliament, spokesperson on agriculture of the CDU parliamentary group. Since 1994 City councillor of Lunzenau. Since 1994 district councillor of Mittweida. 1995-2007 Chairman of the CDU in the district Mittweida. 2002-2009 Member of the Bundestag. Deputy coordinator of the EPP in the Committee on Petitions. MEP since 2009.